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OP’s Hiring Updates 12-15

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HR Updates. Lots going on. Two positions reposted that had been down a long time.

1. Clinical Biosample Ops Manager (down 10/26)

2. Project Manager (down 9/15)

Many reasons why they’re back up – could be these are additional positions or they were unsuccessful in their searches or they thought they could split the tasks among current employees, but see the need to post again. Who knows, but it affects the count which is at 44 open positions as of tonight. The most I’ve seen since I started tracking. That’s also 16 jobs posted in December thus far.

There were also 3 other positions posted yesterday afternoon.

1. Sr. Manager/Associate Director, GxP Quality Management Systems

2. Sr. QA Associate, Qualification and Validation

3. Sr./Principal Scientist, Pre-Formulation

We already have a Sr. QA Associate for QMS (Quality Management System). This new position seems to be a more senior role and will also have a bigger role in the oversight of the supplier/vendor qualification.

The Sr. QA Assoc of Qualification & Validation (Q&V) is a new category from what I’ve seen. A good synopsis on Q&V for those interested:…

In a nutshell make sure the equipment works the way it’s supposed to (qualification) and make sure the product it produces is exactly what you want (validation).

The most intriguing position of the 3 is the Principal Scientist for Pre-Formulation. Again, we’re back to Ad5 more, faster, better yields, cheaper.

This is the first PD I’ve seen since I started this that specifically mentions a pediatric formulation. There’s been talk of this before and Tucker’s mentioned a “slushie” if my memory serves, but basically this would be a target for anyone that can’t swallow a pill. Kids 6 and under?

The PD also mentions cost effective commercial scaling. In order to pump out all these pills, they’re going to need to have material in house and no longer depend on partners like Emergent.

Vertical integration!

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