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OP’s Hiring updates 12-17

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HR Update – interesting job up – Executive Assistant.

Who does it report to? The Business Administration Manager (BAM).

Who’s the BAM? Nadia Martinez.

What else does Nadia do? She’s the Executive Assistant to Andy. Andys Assistant is going to get an assistant?

Maybe or maybe she’ll be overseeing the position & Nadia will be coordinating executive assistant tasks on a larger scale to support the other Execs? Either way, very interesting. Also requires CST or EST as a location, I’m guessing because Nadia’s located in Texas.

Also curious about travel schedules…who’s traveling? Where they going? Why do they need to organize entertainment and events? Are they wooing potential partners? Giving government officials tours?

Organize and distribute mail and packages to clients? What clients??? Definitely a weird witching day…45 open positions. The most ever. 13 jobs posted in December so far.

Shout out to HB for connecting the dots.

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