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Top 10 Questions for Vaxart Management

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2021 has been a very busy year for Vaxart behind the scenes. They have gone from @ 15 employees during the first quarter to approximately 100 with no slow down in sight, despite having no currently approved drugs.

Vaxart has gone on a massive hiring spree, expanded their manufacturing capacity through expansion and acquisition, and added top level security to their San Francisco location.

There has been very few PR’s and Vaxart has been tight lipped with investors. We do have questions though.

1) What are their main objectives with the recent hiring?

2) Do they see headwinds in regards to the raw materials needed for GMP manufacturing or are there still issues?

3) Have they been speaking to other Countries to expand clinical trials?

4) What’s the possibilities of having either Covid construct vaccine fast tracked Globally?

5) What’s the possibilities of EUA after P2?

6) Have they applied for or anticipate any funding and from who?

7) Are they currently manufacturing pills for commercial purposes?

8) Are they working with any international organizations: WHO, CEPI, ICMRA ?

9) Who paid for and conducted the NHP study for the S Only construct?

10) What are their plans for advancing a flu vaccine?

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