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Top Ten Things Every New Investor Should Know About Vaxart

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1) VAAST -Vector-Adjuvant-Antigen Standardized Technology – Vaxart produces vaccines in pill form that have proven to be more effective with fewer side effects than traditional injectable vaccines in several clinical trials.

2) Dr. Cummings – Vaxart’s CMO was previously the president of ICON the CDMO that conducted clinical trials for all of the currently approved Covid 19 vaccines. He was also the Director of GEIS, the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response Systems.

3) Vaxart has 2 pill vaccines in development for Covid-19– The first candidate produced broad cross-reactive T-cells and IgA responses, it was also highly cross-reactive against emerging variants and other, non-covid corona viruses. The second candidate induced substantial cross-reactivity against multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants. This vaccine candidate should also be able to respond to the Omicron variant.

4) AMS (Attwill Medical Solutions) – Vaxart’s manufacturing partner has mentioned increasing their capacity to produce up to 1Bill pills a per year for Vaxart.

5) Vaxart’s Norovirus pill vaccine – Vaxart is currently conducting a P1b trial. there are no approved vaccines for Norovirus.

6) Vaxart / Janssen Universal Flu Collaboration – Currently Janssen has the option to negotiate an exclusive license.

7) Dr. Stanley Plotkin – A member of Vaxart’s Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board – Dr. Plotkin is known as the man who wrote the book on vaccines. He developed the rubella vaccine and assisted in the development of many others.

8) Vaxart has applied for BLA (Biological License Application) and MAA’s (Marketing Authorization Application) for U.S. interstate commerce and access to markets in the EU.

9) Vaxart has never failed a clinical trial – The VAAST platform has completed 15 clinical trials against 7 different viruses, vaccinating 500+ people.

10) Dr. David Wheadon – Appointed to Vaxart’s Board of Directors – Most recently Dr. Wheadon served as Senior Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, Patient Safety and Quality Assurance at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals.

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