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Who Is Thomas Ghignone?

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Thomas Ghgnone is the Head of Legal Affairs at Sanofi. He came to the attention of Vaxart investors when he started “liking” posts by Vaxart on Twitter. He continues to like all tweets without fail.

Why was this this something to pay attention to?

Why would the Head of Legal Affairs at Sanofi follow and like a small Bio company that for the last two years has touted their superior results to one of Sanoif’s top selling vaccines?

FIERCE Pharma- “Aiming to challenge flu shot market leader Sanofi, Vaxart put up phase 2 data for an oral flu vaccine candidate that the biotech says provided participants both mucosal and systemic immune responses.

Vaxart’s oral flu vaccine tablet provided a 39% reduction in flu cases in the challenge study compared with placebo, versus a 27% reduction for Fluzone over placebo. The Sanofi vaccine is a flu shot covering four strains of the influenza virus, while Vaxart’s vaccine is a tablet.”

Vaxart investors noticed that during the most recent presentations by Sean Tucker CSO of Vaxart that he stopped referring Sanofi by name when citing to the Flu challenge study. He has also softened the wording of what were obvious superior results by Vaxart’s flu pill vaccine.

-With love being shown now on both sides, could a Flu collaboration deal be in the works?

-Who stands to lose the most money by Vaxart advancing it with a Flu pill?

-What BP partnership would benefit Vaxart the most?

-Sanofi has the infrastructure in place to start marketing a Flu pill right away.

-One more thing to note is the recent hires seeking “In-Licensing” experience.

– Anonymous researchers

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